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I wanted to make a kind of toy for nervous hands, that would be cyclical in how it behaved. A kind of ‘talking toy’ that would encourage relaxation and aid communication.

The first iteration was made of rectangular wedges of lovely soft colours. I couldn’t decide on a glue to secure the two end pieces together (thus hiding the knotted elastic cord running through all the pieces) – so you can still see the blu-tak. Very much a working draft!

I had focussed on how the object moved and less on how it looked when not in use. As such, its resting position is maybe not as pleasing as it might be.

Though it’s fun to play with, the corners didn’t make it quite as smooth and inviting as I would have liked. So I decided to try making a second version…

The second version takes the form of a clementine, each segment is circular rather than rectangular like the fist attempt. The toy is much more tactile as a result. The eight segments were also formed so once aligned they come together to makea complete shape. In this way there is an added sense of completing a cycle and starting a new one…

To be continued!